Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Am I The Only One?

As almost every millenial does, BuzzFeed videos have become how I waste my time when I'm bored. I love the content they create; it ranges from tasting different types of food/alcohol to talking about serious issues like body image. I've seen so many different types of videos, and the body image ones always capture my attention.

One of my favorites they created was when people lived without a mirror/reflective surfaces for a week. As I watched this, it showed me more about the ridiculous amount of reflective surfaces we have in this world. It's quite terrifying. At the end of the video, the women participants discussed how they feel when they look in the mirror. Almost all of them had extremely negative things to say about themselves.

Am I the only one who can look in a mirror and love everything I see?

And why is it that when I say that, the first thought that runs through your head is this: "God, she is so full of herself. She's so narcissitic."

Let me explain why I think this. I was blessed to grow up with a loving family and with a great group of guy friends. When I was a little girl, I was bullied all the time. I was skinny-shamed back in the early 2000s (that's right; it happened then, too) and made fun of my bad teeth. I did have crooked teeth, and I was very skinny; I still am.

That affected me to a point, but the guys I grew up with never once commented on my appearance unless it was in a positive way or there was something in my teeth. Then I realized something. The only people who ever commented on my appearance negatively were women. That's it. Those people were the only people who criticized how I looked in a negative light.

Women, why do we do this? Why are we bringing each other down? Everyone is different. Everyone has a different silhoutte, hair, weight, skin color, skin complexion, smile, everything. Differences are what make everyone beautiful. If everyone looked the same, then life would be so dull and boring.

I am so blessed I grew up with guys who loved me because of my personality and who I am as a person. That's why I love how I look in a mirror. I love every part of my body, from my long legs to my non-existent butt (it's straight flatsville back there). All of these differences are a part of who I am. There's a way that we can have every woman love what they see in the mirror.

Women: STOP SHAMING WOMEN. Let's be honest; a compliment from a man (as a heterosexual woman) does nothing for me. It can be construed as so many things that I honestly can't tell if it's genuine. However, ladies, do you not agree that the only time you compliment another woman is when it's a genuine compliment? Women rarely give fake compliments to other women, because we know that most women tear down physical appearance instead of build it up.

If we change this, then the mirror can stop being something women fear. The mirror can be a place where we can boost our self-esteem and love our bodies for what they are. Let's stop tearing down people because we're jealous. Instead, let's love what we see in the mirror and love being you.