Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kut It With the Kardashians

I swear I can't go an hour without getting some garbage about the Kardashian family. Media outlets are turning talentless (mostly) people into CELEBRITIES (I say mostly, because Kendall has talent). Let's go through this family step by step.

Kris: No one knew who she was outside of the wife of Bruce Jenner, an Olympian athlete, and Rob Kardashian, an attorney involved with the O.J. Simpson trial. That's all she was. She became Bruce's manager and did small producing work on small television shows. She then pitched to have her family's lives broadcasted on television in 2007. Coincidentally the same year Kim's sex tape was released....

Kim: She was just known as Paris Hilton's assistant until the sex tape was released. She made millions off that sex tape. Mind you, recent news came out that her mother used the sex tape to help get the Kardashian family famous (***vomits***) and make millions.  That parachuted her into the tabloid world. Everyone then knew her as Reggie Bush's girlfriend. After that, it was the 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries. Then it was Kanye. Then her butt broke the Internet.

Khloe: She was married to Lamar Odom, an NBA player. She's back on the spotlight after Odom was found passed out in a brothel and in a coma for weeks.

Kourtney: She was married to Scott Disick.

Rob: He stay hidden for years. He recently made headlines with an engagement to Blac Chyna (what kind of name is that).

Kendall: She actually does something. She is a runway model who has participated in multiple fashion weeks and the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Kylie: She made news because of lips and dating someone well above the age of 18 before she was 18. Also, she doesn't look anything like what she did earlier in the show from the THOUSANDS of pictures that pop up on my timeline (thanks BuzzFeed and Elite Daily).

Bruce (now Caitlyn): He also did something. He was a Olympic champion in the decathlon in 1974. He did multiple endorsements for athletic and fitness gear and equipment. He became a she in 2015 when Bruce came out as transgender and changed his name to Caitlyn. That's what brought millions of people's attention to the Kardashian family.

That's the family that MILLIONS of people are holding on a pedestal. People that capitalize on sex tapes and coming out as transgender. There are pornstars and people who come out as transgender every day, but they're not the center of attention because of their name.

WHAT IS THE APPEAL OF THIS FAMILY?!?! I just don't get it. This family is making millions for not having talent, excluding Kendall. Now that Bruce is Caitlyn, everyone has forgotten about his triumphs and accolades as an Olympic athlete. Now the kids of these people are making headlines and trending all over Twitter. People freaked out when Kim and Kanye named their kids North and Saint. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

This family of talentless people is making headlines, but the campaign for Sexual Awareness and Prevention Month is barely trending or making any headline. If that doesn't say anything about the priorities of society, then I don't know what does.

Think long and hard before you quote something a Kardashian has said or want to know what they're doing. Spend that time doing something that matters in the world instead of feeding into the drivel that this family spews every second of the day.