Sunday, January 31, 2016

This is the Final Definition of the Phrase "Tall Girl"

I am a tall girl, standing at 6'0", and I'm damn proud of it. However, there are some girls who call themselves "tall" when they're 5'9". I need to finally clarify this for all: unless you're 6'0" or taller, you are not a tall girl. How did I come to this conclusion? 

Ladies, you know that a solid chunk of the female population wants a tall man as a boyfriend, spouse, husband, partner, whatever. What are the heights that are used to describe a tall guy? 6'0" and taller. It is RARE (unless you are under 5'6") that women consider a man under 6'0" tall. It just doesn't happen. Why can't that standard be applied to women?

How in the world is 5'9" tall? It's not; you can still wear heels and not tower over 95% of the people in a room. You don't have to shop at specific stores for jeans or pants, because no company in the world makes jeans long enough for women taller than 5'9" (looking at you Forever 21 & H&M). Shouts to Express & New York & Company for stepping up and making jeans that actually hit the floor when I wear them.

I understand why women want to be considered a tall girl. Being tall has fantastic advantages. I can reach the top shelf, I'm the first person people see in a crowd, models want to be this tall, and I don't need to wear heels (unless I wanted to stand at 6'5" and feel extremely powerful and dominant, which happens more than I would like to admit). 

Here's the thing; unless you were blessed with this tall frame of 6'0" and taller, don't consider or call yourself a tall girl. It's quite laughable honestly. Although 5'9" is taller than the national average of 5'5", it doesn't make you tall. So, for all my fellow glamazons out there, let's finally put this discussion to rest and finalize this definition. 6'0" and taller? You're in.