Friday, May 1, 2015

Thank You Seniors

A special group to the WOUB Sports department leaves the streets of Athens and heads off into the real world. When you work with a group like this one for three years, they not only become your coworkers, but they also become some of your closest friends. Every single one of these seniors has made an impact on me, and I feel that the Internet needs to know how great of a class you guys really are. So, here we go:

Bobson: Honestly, what is WOUB going to do without you next year? You stay calm, cool, and collected no matter what goes wrong in a show. I can speak for everyone that having you direct a show that we were on was always a great cast from your standpoint. Outside of the newsroom, your love for the Blue Jackets will forever live on no matter where you go, companioned by a bag of chips and a coke. Your dry humor made anyone laugh, no matter the mood they were in. Thank you for three years of clean shows, blue jackets knowledge, and a laugh whenever I was in the newsroom. Good luck on your future ventures. I know you'll do fantastic in North Carolina.

Billy: If this picture doesn't sum up your personality, then I don't know what does. You always had a smile on your face and a way to just bring energy to a room. Whether you were on the desk in a Hardwood polo or out in a Tigger suit, you were the life of a party. Your never ending love for the Cavs will still be present in Little Hartman. Your vast knowledge on all sports astounded me as a freshman and still does to this day. This SE-OH-AL reporter will be missed next year, not only on desk but in Athens in general. Thanks for 3 years of fun buddy. Keep on keeping on and stay that energetic self in your future ventures. Good luck and you'll be a success wherever you go.

Allie: Newswatch was fun to say the least. From late newsroom nights, scrambling for a showcase package to anchoring for Newswatch, you always stayed level headed. No matter the tech issue, you found a way to fix it and manage to come out with a great piece. Keep that patience as you venture on to bigger and better things.

Takitch:I guess we have too much energy Takitch. Ranging from covering baseball games last year to every Friday night as the host, you always found a way to help me with anything I asked you. I'm still amazed that you can solve a Rubiks cube. Thanks for every bit of advice, time in the newsroom, and your amazing caring personality and attitude. Continue on with your successes for many years to come.

Morgan: Will we miss you or your dog more? I'm just kidding. It seems to be a common theme throughout this post, but patience with me is something that I appreciate out of you Morgan. Continue on with your future successes, and I know you'll make it out to L.A.!

J-Mac: Ah the lovely days in the newsroom for Newswatch... J-Mac I'm totally going to miss your snide and clever one-liners in the newsroom. Thanks for all your advice and bright humor you brought to the newsroom. Continue on to your journey to a warm place where I know you'll find success.

Chuck: Is it Chuck or Charlie? Who cares! Man, anytime Chuck Walter would be on, you always knew something punny or witty was making the show. I don't think I've ever met someone as relaxed and comfortable on a desk as you are. Ranging from shooting games with you to just editing for your sports cast, you were always a fun and funny person in and out of the newsroom. Running on Chuck time will always be present, although gettting a haircut thirty minutes before show might now. I hope you continue with your success and find a place that's just as relaxed as you are. Thanks for three years of fun buddy!

Avery: The torch has been passed on. Thanks for the consistent serenades in the newsroom, Avery. It's been a fun and hectic year to say the least. Thanks for dealing with me this year and for giving Carter and I the opportunity to continue on at WOUB. Continue with your successes.

Tomas: much to say...First off, you shared a 773 area code. I know you always wanted silence in control, but let's be real....that would never happen with me up there. Tomas, thanks for just dealing with me from Newswatch to Hardwood. I hope you have an amazing wedding and a fantastic future where ever you go.

Sarah: The world traveller! Man, from freshman year covering's been a ride. I don't think I've ever met anyone as nice and sweet as you Sarah. You always find the brightness in the day and always have a smile on your face, even when you're crutching all over campus. You're ridiculously dedicated, especially with that West Virginia documentary. Thanks for three years of fun Sarah and continue on with your successes!

Kelsey: From one of my favorite producers of Newswatch to joining the sports department, I absolutely loved working with you. You communicated well, you understood frustrating situations, and always stayed calm, cool, and collected. I know you left in December to join the real world and be an adult, but we will still miss you in the newsroom. Continue on with you ventures and stay successful!

Levi: Not seeing you in the newsroom this year was rough to say the least. You were an amazing director for Gridiron last year, and I'm glad you were rewarded. However, I don't think you hear enough how strong you are. Dealing with any crisis that would happen in control or just dealing with stupidity is something that not many can do. Continue being strong on your journey to success.

Singer: You are just so knowledgeable it blows my mind. From Gridiron to covering baseball, it's been a fun year. Thanks for every fun fact and tid bit of information or just cracking jokes in the press box. Have an amazing career and continue to be successful!

Alex: My favorite weather person! Alex, you astonish everyone with your on-air presence. I know every chick admires your hair-teasing expert status. On a serious note though, thanks for just bringing a sense of calmness to the newsroom on those hectic Friday nights or anytime in WOUB. Continue with weather forecasts up in Youngstown and reach for the sky, no matter how cloudy it can be.

Baucco: I know I repeat myself, and you've heard it a million times, but thank you for helping me get out of my funk. Every one hour drive to Zanesville, every Friday night, and every random run-in on a GoBus, you had that bright smile with those dimples on your face. You helped me find me again, and I don't think I can ever repay you. Even when you would get under my skin by playing sound effects from Clash of Clans in the car to Philo, you'd laugh it off and flash that smile. Your spontaneous nature is something I envy. Your consistent push to get a laugh out of every day always brightened my day. You were there for me during my darkest moments, and I truly appreciate it. The Mafia Queen will always love you! Keep that smile on while you journey to success.

Lucas: My journalistic career would not have gone in any direction without you, Lucas. God, your passion, work ethic, and determination is something I admire about you. You always strived for perfection in any script or in anything in life. You're quirky in the best possible meaning of the word, and you take pride in it. You always speak your mind and fought through any adversity that came your way. You literally helped me start here at WOUB with Nelsonville-York, and the rest is history.  Your patience with me is something that no one has ever been able to master, and I truly appreciate it. From all the stupid questions I had as a freshman to some of the things that I would say, you would poke your fun but then help me out afterwards. You taught me so much just from your determination, and I don't think you hear that enough. Thank you so much Lucas for every memory and every bit of advice. Make Los Angeles your own Cedar Point.

Jimmer: Lucas guided me, but it was you that took the risk. You gave me every single debut at WOUB, and that alone I owe you so much. You are a strong individual, both mentally and physically. You fought through so much and had every obstacle thrown your way. No matter what came your way, you found a way to get through it and come out even stronger. You offered your two cents when I was in a dilemma. You dealt with the awkward freshman Karli and still deal with me to this day. You're a goof, a dork, but also one of my mentors. You taught me so much about what a taste of the real world can give you and how to turn everything into a blessing. I honestly don't know what my career would be like had I not met you. I'm upset that we didn't close until your senior year, but that's what the future is for. Thanks for every debut, life lesson, and your snarky comebacks. Keep on fighting, and I know you'll always come out on top with the reward of success.