Tuesday, March 15, 2016

To The Friend Who Left My Life

To the friend who left my life:

Remember back to the porch step days, where all we cared about was sharpening sticks? Remember when we used to ride bikes around the block for fun when we actually had a unspoken race? Remember on the rainy days when we would just go for a run to come back, completely out of breath?

I do.

I remember the days when I would sprint up your front steps, through your kitchen, up to your room, just to play Backyard Baseball. I remember when you taught me how to roller blade. I remember when you taught me how to perfect my jump shot. I remember every memory we had, including the bad.

I remember the day you left.

The day you pushed me out of your life. The day where I felt like I lost a part of me. The day you told me the truth. I was heartbroken. I felt like the only person who's been there with me since day one decided that our friendship that blossomed over 15 years didn't mean anything. Instead of fighting, I let you go.

But I still cared.

I would check in with your family to see how you were doing. I was so proud when you graduated from high school and eventually college. I was so happy for you when you got in a good relationship. I was always there for you, even when you didn't want me there.

Until you came to me.

Until that night you finally texted me after four years of the silent treatment. I still question why you came to me. In the back of your mind, you knew that I would always be there for you, through the good and bad, the thick and thin, the beautiful and the ugly, every moment. After that night, we never spoke again. I haven't seen you since. You completely shut me out of your life; you shut all of us out.

I still love you.

Just waiting for you
I know that our futures will collide again. I know that one day, you'll come to realize that what started the fight was so small, so miniscule, so meaningless. After everything you did to me, everything you put me through, every mind game you played, every emotion you brought out of me, I still forgave you. That's how much you mean to me.

I will never forget the memories we've had; you won't either. The innocent days, the carefree years, the days that I will cherish, because that's when you were really you. As you grew up, you changed into something you're not. I hope that's changed.

To the friend who left my life, just know I still think about you. I hope you found the love of your life. I hope you're successful in your career. I hope you figured everything out.

I hope you see this one day.
All I want is the best for you...

To the friend who left my life... I'm only one call away.