Thursday, June 16, 2016


773     312     847     708     630     224
The area codes of the CHI
The best city in this country

North, South and West
The Lake takes the East
From State and Michigan
All the way to me

The Northwest Side
My home and my life
Memory lane on Waveland
Asphalt instead of wildlife

Cement instead of grass
Alleyways instead of hardwood
Parks instead of fields
Where I found friends for good

13 big brothers and teachers
6 Ball players
10 Friars
And me, her

Thank you for the memories
But I have to leave
Time to start my life again
But CHI will always be on my sleeve

I wear the flag with pride
I represent the 773
I'm a city girl
I always will be

Goodbye Chicago
Hello Kentucky
But what I can say is
Thank you for creating me

One day I'll be back
On your TV screens
Talking Bears football
And still representing the 773