Friday, August 5, 2016

"You're Just A Woman"

What is the definition of the word "woman?' According to Merriam-Webster, it is the following: an adult female person. What is the definition of the word "female?" According to Merriam-Webster, it is the following: of, relating to, or being the sex that bears young or produces eggs.

I am not here to give you a vocabulary lesson. I am here to point something out to all of you. The ONLY difference between a man and a woman or male and female is biology. That's it. Women have different reproductive organs than men. That's how simple it is. Are there are different attitudes for each gender? Absolutely, but from a human aspect, biology is all that differs.

Yet, women are the target for ridicule, harrassment, public humiliation, and degradation, all being sexual.

Men can be targeted and are targeted, but it is women who bear the brunt of it. A woman can't wear make-up, because it's "deceiving;" a woman must wear make-up, because we must "impress men." A woman can't be curvacious, because it's not "trendy;" A woman can't be skinny, because curves are "sexy." A woman can't be a mother, because we're fighting for "female empowerment;" a woman must be a mother, because that's what "our future is." A woman can't have opinions, because that's "bitchy;" a woman must have opinions, because you can't be considered "basic."

Do you catch my drift?

Women are constantly playing this tug of war game with society to be the "perfect woman." If a woman posts anything that shows her pride in her work, she's fishing for compliments, but if a woman posts a picture of nature or a Starbucks coffee, she's considered basic. If a woman speaks out about sexual harrasment, rape, sexual assault, or invasion of privacy that she's experienced, she's ridiculed.

Take a look at the Erin Andrews situation.

She is a very successful sports broadcaster, who has worked her tail off to earn her success. She went through trauma when someone secretly recorded her naked and posted it online for the entire world to see. However, it wasn't the deplorable human being that was attacked when her settlement was reached; it was Erin. People attacked her, saying that she should be "thanking the person who recorded her, because without it, she wouldn't be famous". "She should expect this when she's always in the spotlight."


Because I have worked my butt off, made enormous sacrifices, spent money I don't have on a degree, and did everything asked of me to eventually become successful, I must expect sexual harrassment. Did you ever think for a second what harrassment would do to me, personally?

Instead of what the person thinks is happening (I'm, apparently, supposed to take harrassment as a compliment), I am thinking so low of myself. I believe that I am just a piece of trash that is kicked around in the dirt. I am worthless, useless, an object, just not human. Then, in Erin's situation, she had to relive that trauma in front of hundreds of cameras, bringing back all of those wretched thoughts and feelings, and then being ridiculed for going public with it.

Imagine if that happened to you, men.

Imagine if a woman said the most objectifying things you can think of, but in their mind, they're complimenting you. However, your mind is racing with thoughts about why this woman only sees you as her boy toy, as just an object, just something that has no worth, no use, and no point in this very human and real world.

But imagine you can't speak publically about it, because then you're just seeking attention...

That's what Erin went through. That's what all women go through. 

Treat others as you would want to be treated.