Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rape Is Not a Joke

First off, readers, I apologize for the month hiatus. It was a busy summer for this now college senior (god I don't like admitting that). Anyway, this post is more centralized towards my college audience, specifically Greek Life people.

I've been back on campus for about two weeks, witnessing the tiny baby freshmen move in to their dorms. I also witnessed and worked the involvement fair, where the swarm of freshies took over the center of Ohio University's campus, actively looking at the hundreds of clubs and organizations that are a part of OU. One particular organization, the Ohio University Student Union, handed out pamphlets that sparked rage and anger that is well deserved.

This pamphlet had a list of tips for freshmen. Some were helpful, like where to buy blue books for exams, to use protection when having sexual intercourse, and certain services on campus that are of great use to students. One, however, was repugnant and horrifying.

On Court Street, there is a blue house that is considered an open house, meaning that anyone can come in on the weekends and party with other bobcats. What the pamphlet published was, "DO NOT go to the blue house, the ACACIA fraternity house across from the BP on Court. They're notorious for bringing their free drinks and raping girls."

A member of Greek life wrote a phenomenal response about how this a huge generalization that has no factual basis. It's based on hearsay. This Greek life member hit the nail on the head.

This has sparked something that people need to know: rape is a serious issue and a horrible accusation to place on a person or an organization. Rape is not something that can be thrown around lightly. This ranges from accusations such as what OUSU made to saying that a test "raped" you.

This needs to stop. Now. Saying that a test "raped" you may sound funny to you at the time, but think about what the word rape means. This test or exam did not physically throw you up against a structure as you scream no, bruise you, cause you to bleed, and made you fall to the ground, feeling like the biggest piece of dung and extremely violated. That test may have been difficult, but it did not rape you.

Words like rape, assault, and other similar trigger words are extremely tender subjects. This needs to end. Rape and assault are not a laughing matter. It's physically traumatic and damages victims emotionally and psychologically. The outlook on the male or female gender will change drastically. Emotional stability becomes nonexistent.

I don't know any other way to say this except that it needs to come to an end. Immediately. It's not a laughing matter.