Friday, September 2, 2016

Today, Women Scream No

Today, a man by the name of Brock Turner is being released from jail after serving three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious girl behind a dumpster on Stanford's campus.

Today, that girl he assaulted is sitting in her home, knowing that he's back out in the world. Today, that girl is reliving that trauma in her mind, because his name is in the headlines.

Today, the judicial system of America shows its true colors. Today the judicial system believes his trauma of his three months of jail time is sufficient to the trauma that girl went through.

Today, the country is realizing that the victims of sexual assault and rape live through more trauma after the initial incident than during the actual incident. Today, people are realizing that these victims need support from the general public so this man doesn't walk free.

However, today in a classroom, little boys are not being taught about consent. Today, little boys are not being taught that no means no and to respect a woman, because she is a human being.

However, today in a school, little girls are being sent home for violating dress code, because it's distracting the boys. Today, little girls are being taught that they are only seen as a sexual object by doing that.

Today, there's another woman getting assaulted or raped, screaming no, but that man won't stop. Today, that woman's whole life and pysche will change drastically in ways that won't hit her until later.

Today, another man that's up for trial for sexual assault or rape is getting a sentence that is nowhere near the severity it needs to be. Today, that man will not learn his lesson, because jail doesn't teach consent.

Today, I write this as a plea for help as a sexual assault victim. I write this to shed light on how society is not changing this culture; it's perpetuating it. I write this to let you know that you can help change this culture.

Today, I'm done staying silent and feeling guilty. Today, I stand up, not just as a woman, but as a human, and scream for your help, like that woman who was raped did.

But don't ignore this scream as you did ignore that woman screaming no as a man violates her in a dark alleyway. Don't ignore this scream as the judicial system ignores the screams of every sexual assault victim and rape victim in this country.

Just listen and learn from this article. Instead of creating a strict dress code for women, teach men what consent is. Instead of ignoring a scream for help, run and see what you can do to help. Instead of being an observant bystander, be an active one. Instead of staying silent, stand up and shout for justice with the rest of us.

Today, women scream to be treated as a human being. Today women scream,
"enough is enough". Today, women scream, "No" to this abomination of the definition of the word "justice." Today, women scream, "No" to this man walking free.

Don't ignore this "No." Go and help.