Thursday, April 18, 2019

No More Thinkpieces On Millennials - A Thinkpiece on Millennials

"Millennials are killing restaurant chains."

"Millennials are killing home ownership."

"Millennials are killing the diamond industry."

Yeah, this is a legitimate list of things that the Baby Boomers and members of Generation X believe that my age group (Gen Y or Millennials) are killing. Real talk, I'm sick of reading this thinkpieces by the older generations on why they believe we are not advancing at the rate that they did.

I know this is a year late to the game, but guess what? I really don't care. Let's just do a backtrack on some differences between these generations shall we? How about the fact that the older generations are in nowhere near the amount of student loan debt that Millennials are in currently? Or the fact that the cost of living has drastically risen over thirty years but the average salary of a post-graduate hasn't? Or the fact that now the degree that most of our parents forced us to get is now next to useless in a majority of professions?

But right. Millennials are the ones who are at fault for that, even though we were not the ones who raised us. Our generation has, honestly, the best of both worlds. We were raised by these older generations who taught us independence, work ethic and introduced us to some music classics (Rolling Stones & the Beatles).

It is also this same generation that raised us that believes 95 percent of what they read on Facebook. It is also this same generation who caused the massive rise in the cost of living without matching it with the average earnings of a post-graduate. It is also that same generation that has the hardest time adapting to the ever changing world of technology.

Millennials are the ones who ended up teaching our parents how to function in this hyper-advanced world. Millennials live by the phrase "work smarter, not harder." Look at all the advancements in just basic day-to-day activities. There's things like Postmates, Uber, Netflix, etc. Our generation has found a way to acheive normal activities at a crazy fast rate.

So please, the next time a Baby Boomer or Gen X'er writes a thinkpiece about Millennials ruining -fill in the blank-, remember: they're writing it on the laptop/phone/tablet created by Millennials with an app/program created by Millennials at a start-up/publication now run by Millennials.

You're welcome for giving you the opportunity to freely bash the generation who gave you that option in the 21st century.