Tuesday, October 4, 2016

America, Let's Talk

America, hey there. You all have got to know me at a pretty personal level. You know my opinions on a variety of topics, ranging from Hollywood to the judicial system. You also know intricate details about my friends and family. You know that I spend my free time, trying to improve at my job and further my career in every way possible.

However, there are MILLIONS of people in this world that would rather spend their free time on four of the most pointless things that (1) do not contribute anything positive to this country, (2) receive more attention that children being shot in the back while sitting on their porch on a Sunday afternoon and (3) are the most meaningless things in this country.

These four things are what I'm speaking about:
1) Beauty Pageants (on all levels)
2) The Royal Family
3) The Bachelor/Bachelorette
4) The Kardashians

Let's address each one in its own context, shall we?

Beauty pageants (specifically the ones for older, mature women). If this isn't the biggest barrier in the way of women wanting to be seen as more than a face, then I don't know what is. These women are being judged SOLELY on how they look. BUT WAIT. It's judgment based on how they look in different outfits. "But Karli, they have a question round. That shows personality." Yes, because a stunningly gorgeous woman that's trying to win a competition to be the prettiest girl in the country is going to have the answer to solve the crisis in the American education system. You all know that all those answers are SO rehearsed to include things that tug at the heart strings of these MALE judges so they don't seem too superficial. What a joke.

The Royal Family. America, WHY ARE WE SO OBSESSED WITH THIS USELESS FAMILY? Isn't the reason we started this country was for freedom of expression and to have a choice in government which Great Britain DIDN'T have? The Royal Family is the most useless body of people in world politics. What do they do? They do nothing that can be impactful on world relations or in their own country. The Prime Minister and Parliament do more than that queen has ever done. I will never forget in high school when classmates of mine woke up earlier than they would ever wake up for class to watch the Royal wedding. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. Why do you look up to and idolize these people when they do nothing at all that matters in this world?

The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Let me break down these shows. These people are so desperate for attention and love that they want their ENTIRE dating process broadcast to the whole nation. Men and women quit their jobs to have their dating life broadcast to the whole country. If this past season of the Bachelorette doesn't prove how much of a low life can win, then what will? A washed up quarterback who's the brother of a SUCCESSFUL NFL quarterback won this show. If you wanted to marry a washed up athlete, go to any small town, and you'll find them. They're a dime a dozen. They're not hard to find, seeing that they will tell you every stat/record/game they've ever had the moment you meet them ***gag.***

The Kardashians. I already wrote an entire blog on this family's ridiculousness so I'll spare you that schpiel.

You want to know what isn't getting any attention from media outlets because the American public would rather here about what Kylie wore to Fashion Week, what new milestones JoJo's relationship has hit, and what Prince Harry did on a private jet? A rising Chicago high school athlete was shot six times while he was sitting on his porch. An entire mining industry is crumbling, leaving hundreds of thousands of people out of work and destroying small towns. Another woman was raped, and there wasn't a just verdict. Another black person was racially profiled while they're on their way home, minding their own business. Another person lost their job. Another child was bullied to the point where they took their own life. Another person overdosed on heroine, which is a rising drug epidemic.

But you, the American public who I cater to because I'm in the news industry, don't want to hear those stories. You don't want to hear the story of an athlete who has gone through hell and back and finally caught his first touchdown as a senior. You don't want to hear about how the world is affecting you and what the future could be. You don't want to hear about how an entire portion of the American population is about to disappear.

You'd rather know what new white woman is Miss America.You want to know what designer Kim is wearing. You want to know what Prince George did on his second birthday.

America, let's get our priorities straight.